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What Makes a Hot Lead Hot?

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Hot leads notify you when a prospect has taken an action that indicates that it may be a good time to reach out to them to make a sale. What type of engagement triggers a hot lead notification?

1. Your prospect viewed their Snapshot Report

2. Your prospect opened or clicked through an email campaign

3. Your prospect entered their business information through the Acquisition Widget

4. Your prospect viewed a product or package landing page or clicked the Get it Now button on a product or package landing page.

That’s right! Each one of the above actions will trigger a hot lead. Hot leads will be reflected by flame icons that show up next to the name of the account. Up to three flame icons may show up at one time. There are two points that will determine the amount of flame icons triggered by a hot lead:

1. How engaged the prospect was

2. How long ago the prospect engaged with your content

Like I mentioned above, hot leads are a great indication that now is a great time to reach out to that prospect to have a conversation about their unique needs. Prospecting and making sales calls may not come easily to you (I can relate). I watched an interesting course in LinkedIn Learning recently that went over some great tips and tricks to ensure successful sales prospecting conversations. I wanted to share three key takeaways from this course that I hope will make following up on your hot leads a little easier!

1. Attitude is everything: While sales may seem like a numbers game, it is important to remember that your ultimate goal is to help your prospects be successful! Don’t forget that you are coming to them with something valuable. Even if you are new to selling, if you come to a prospect with a helping attitude, they are far more likely to engage in a conversation with you.

2. Provide insights: Understand the unique challenges that your prospect is facing. Is their business receiving less in-person traffic due to pandemic shutdowns in their area, resulting in the need to shift operations online? Are they struggling to keep up with their social presence? Are their listings inaccurate or absent online due to the instability brought about by covid? Show your prospect that you understand their unique struggles and share with them the insights you have collected. Lucky for you Newdastians, you have access to an award winning report providing curated insights unique to your prospect - the Snapshot Report!

3. Speak to solutions, not just problems: Odds are that the hot lead you are following up on resulted from the prospect already being open to and looking for solutions. What will set you apart from the rest is that you are not only providing them with your comprehensive insights, you are also coming to them with proven solutions. Make sure to speak to the value that these solutions will bring. This may take practice so always keep in mind that we are here to help!

I would love to hear if you've triggered any hot leads and how you've been following up with your prospects!

If you want to learn more, here is a link to the course I referenced:

Consult your Hot Leads (Vendasta Resource Article):