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What business or customer data would you like to store in Partner Center / Sales & Success Center?

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In Partner Center and Sales and Sales & Success Center, have you ever wished you could store a custom piece of data on your businesses and customers?

For example, perhaps the clients you deal with are almost exclusively accountants, you and want to store the type of accountant they are, such as:
- Auditor
- Tax Accountant
- Consultant

This data will help you tailor your sales and marketing. Perhaps we could even run automations of these?

Let us know what type of custom data you'd like to store! Numbers, words, any attributes you can think of. Curious to hear your responses 🙂

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Thomas Mueller
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Yes, there are a lot of threads here on custom fields and data.

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@Thomas Mueller Thank you! Surfacing your thread here for any others that want to review what Thomas wrote: