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Customer Voice Unsure how to get more reviews? Ask for them

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Reviews have never been more important when it comes to businesses digital presence. This research done here suggests that 93% of consumers use reviews to impact their purchase decisions. Now try convincing me that online reviews don’t matter!

The challenge that businesses face is that they simply don’t ask for the review. We as consumers are typically only going to leave reviews in one of two situations.

The business experience or consumer experience we had was absolutely over the top and we experienced something that absolutely exceeded our expectations.

Or the complete opposite; we experience the absolute worst customer experience you could possibly have and you need to tell your friends and the world about it.


If you think about it, these are probably your two behaviours. However, there are times that a business doesn’t necessarily blow our minds away, but we would still be willing to leave a positive review...we’re just not asked to.

How you change this, is simply training the small businesses you work with, to ask for reviews. Whether its a receptionist asking for the review before every customer leaves, or if it’s a tradesperson such as a plumber asking for a review before they leave the home, it’s extremely important. The key is that you’re more likely to get that review by asking immediately after the service has been provided.

Using our customer voice tool allows you to achieve this. We have a tool within customer voice, called mobile kiosk that you can use to collect First/Last Name & email to automatically send them a review request ASAP.

Over time, you’ll eventually get enough reviews that you’ll be seen as the dominant force in your area for your industry.

Bill Howe’s Plumbing clearly has a good system of getting reviews and has a thousand more than his next competitor. These are the top two businesses when I search 'Plumbers San Diego', but 10/10 I am calling Bill because of his reviews because he's established trust and consistency as displayed by his score and amount of reviews. You can help do this for any business with customer voice and the mobile kiosk.

If you don’t ask for the review, you may not get it.