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Quick Demo - Customizing an Account's Billing Settings

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Hello Newdasta!

Who doesn't like getting paid?!

I wanted to pop by this morning to provide you with a short demo of how to update the Billing Settings for an account in Partner Center. I've recorded a quick video for your viewing pleasure. This resource article will provide you with some additional context and a more in-depth rundown. Setting up Billing Settings is a great way to simplify some of your processes and is a huge time saver! Just remember, if you are interested in setting up Billing Automation for your accounts, it will be important to first configure Vendasta Payments.

Billing Automation Demo Video:

P.S. Your onboarding specialist can help you set up your Vendasta Payment account. We also have this great resource article that outlines the process step by step.

P.P.S. Did you know that we have recently released default billing settings for new accounts brought into Partner Center? Super exciting stuff! The process for this is also outlined in the first article I linked above (hint: you can find this new feature by navigating to Partner Center > Administration > Account Billing)?

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Recurring billing settings were such a game changer, especially for locking in special pricing for customers. And now with the default recurring billing settings in Partner Center??? It's easier than ever to collect payment automatically so the whole process is easy on agencies and their customers. Love this demo Brenna. ?