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Social Marketing New feature in Social Marketing Pro: Grow your client's business through Instagram! ?

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Joined: 4 years ago is Social Marketing Pro’s newest feature that transforms your clients' Instagram posts into a shoppable gallery of products. Drive traffic directly from your client's Instagram gallery to their website so followers can instantly and easily make important transactions, such as purchasing a product, booking an appointment, or filling out a lead form.

No additional costs, log-ins, or subscriptions. is free for all Social Marketing Pro accounts. Simply set up your client's page in Social Marketing, link the URL in their Instagram bio, and add links to new Instagram posts. Check it out now!

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If you want to see a live demo and talk more about this new feature, we'll be at the Conquer Local Community Session on Friday, May 28th! We hope to see you there!

Register here:

Friday, May 28 12:30pm - 1:30pm, EST (US) (GMT -4)