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Business App Multi-Location Business Center: Export review summaries by source

Erica Chessall
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Available today to Multi-Location Business users:
Combine review ratings and volume totals by account and source, to obtain crucial location and review source insights.
review summary by source

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Where/How is best way to manage a client’s social media posting campaign(s) when they have multiple GMBs?

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Hey Carlos,

Great question. In my experience with multi-location GMB social posting, you have to do it natively as they do not allow for API posting for businesses with 10+ locations. So, unfortunately, at this time, you wouldn’t be able to schedule content using the Social Marketing app. We’re definitely keeping our eye on this, so look out for updates on this in the future! In the meantime, what we’ve been doing to ensure we don’t miss out on posts for our ML clients is to setup calendar reminders (terrible, I know, but effective!)