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Looking for partners using Automations to be featured in our blog

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Hi everyone!

I'm Thiago Neres, Product Marketing Manager for Vendasta Automations.

Our Content team is finalizing a super interesting blog about Marketing Automation and I'm looking for partners who would be willing to give us a testimonial and answer a few questions:

1. Did you use any kind of automation before Vendasta?
2. What do you use Vendasta Automations for?
3. How does it help you?
4. What do you think of our new feature?
5. Does it add value to the platform?

We'll also need your first name, last name, company, and role. Feel free to also include the URL of your website so that we can add a backlink to it.

Answers can be posted in this thread or by sending an email to and

If you don't get featured in this blog, there will be other opportunities in the near future, so stay tuned!