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Snapshot Report Improved Snapshot Sharing Feature

Adam Tomporowski
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Getting a Snapshot Report into the hands of your prospect is one of the most important pieces of the sales process. To help streamline that task we've made some great improvements to how you can email Snapshot Reports to your customers! 

  • You can now customize all aspects of the copy, giving you complete autonomy over the email content
  • You can customize the sender details, in case you want them to reply to someone else other than the assigned salesperson
  • Within Sales & Success Center, you'll be able to select the recipient from the list of account contacts
  • If no contact exists, you can enter their details into the email fields and have a new contact created
  • You can add multiple recipients to a single email
  • You're now able to preview the email before sending it
  • The default content will also pull in relevant account details for a more personalized experience

All of these improvements are now available, and to access them you simply need to click the email icon in the top right corner of any Snapshot Report. 

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Snapshot Report   Email Functionality