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Snapshot Report Improved Printer Formatting

Adam Tomporowski
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We've made Snapshot Report even more printer-friendly with some great improvements to its formatting. So whether you'd like to print it off for a prospect, or save it as a PDF, it should be formatted to better fit the pages. Here are a few of the updates we've made to the formatting:
  • Reduced the number of blank spaces and have fixed a few page breaks
  • Local Search Results map will be hidden when Snapshot Report is printed to better fit the layout
  • Improved the appearance of the website sections Core Web Vitals card
  • Better matches the mobile version when printed
We'll continue to improve the layout to make it even more printer-friendly, so don't hesitate to bring us any feedback or questions you have on these recent changes to Snapshot Report. 
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ok i have printed out the snapshot report and it looks great....on the computer but not when i print it out. in fact there is a lot missing that is only seen on the computer screen. i was throoughly annoyed when i printed out my first snapshot report only to find that most of the images and bars and graphics don't print out.

when i saved the webpage it looked great, why can't this be done when printing? stop using reverse video and other images that hinder printing! when i print out the snapshot report i want ALL the bars, charts and graphics. How can i wow the propspect when all the  images tht go along with it are missing?  come on folks get with the program


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Adam Tomporowski
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@info600 Thanks for the feedback, I completely understand your frustration and want to ensure you that we're continuing to work on improving the printed version of Snapshot Report. 

These changes are just the first step we're taking in making it better, and we're focused on making sure the printed version is just as impactful as the desktop version. I'll be relaying this feedback to the team so we can make sure to take this into account with our next set of updates. 

Please don't hesitate to send us any further feedback around this or anything related to Snapshot Report as we're always looking for ideas on how we can make it even better.