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data backup tools? some help would be appreciated

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hey there, I'm an IT Specialist for a small business getting started in more IT focused work, and i was directed to Vendasta with regards to handling our future client's data backups.

now that I'm here, it's pretty clear this is a platform for advertising assistance and such. my boss insists everything i need is here, but I'm not seeing the connection at all.

is there a different product i should be looking at? any advice would be welcome, even if it's very simple.

thank you.

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Hey, @theo976. Thanks for reaching out. 

We are currently working with a cloud backup software company to integrate them into our marketplace. To my knowledge (and I am double checking with the team on this), we do not currently have a backup solution in the marketplace. I will post an update when I have one. 

We can currently support IT businesses with resellable Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace licenses, as well as value-adds for those licenses, like CalendarHero. We have partnered directly with Microsoft and Google, and used our purchasing power to negotiate better rates than you can get by going direct.