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Poll results: Business App is an actual app
Voter(s): 11
Poll is closed Jun 29, 2021
True  -  votes: 5 / 45.5%
False  -  votes: 6 / 54.5%

Business App [Solved] Business App isn't really an app, change my mind

Daniel Gallegly
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Joined: 4 years ago

I think calling it an app is stretching things just a little bit

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I hear you on this Daniel! When people say "App" there is often an expectation that the application can be accessed via native mobile application despite the long history otherwise!

Do you find there is a specific need for the Business App outside of a web browser?

Brady Lang
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Hey Daniel!

In this case, I believe it fits into the category "Progress Web App" or PWA. This question comes up from time to time with my partners, and there are some awesome benefits to PWA!

  • Always up to date, as updates are pushed instantly with no manual work on the user's end
  • We don't have to require permissions on their phone, as we aren't accessing user data
  • Much easier to secure with Browser-To-Server encryption
  • Looks and feels like an app, but is less memory intensive (more devices, older devices!)
  • Consistent experience across Web, Mobile and it's Operating System independent!


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It used to be called Business Center and seemed like that was more accurate ...but maybe not as exciting? An actual native mobile app could be an amazing upgrade but also I imagine quite a hard thing to do, unless it was a rather diluted experience and just made up of the Vendasta core offerings? Maybe the better option would just to be a little bit of an overall mobile UI upgrade! Hopefully with Vendasta's new influx of investment capital these dreams could become a reality! And to be honest, while I really love Vendasta and its wonderful team, a little bit of more UX/UI love would go a far way since there's some serious flaws, not just in the business app but in the overall usability of the entire platform from Partner Center to Task Manager to Sales & Success Center. Invest in the user experience and you'll be rewarded many times over, my friends! 

Andrew Cordova-Andrews
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Yeah I think PWA is the most accurate description. I can use Microsoft edge on windows to install it as an app on my computer, same with safari on iOS I can install it like an app.  That’s how we educate our clients to set it up for themselves.