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Book a meeting with a new Product Manager ?

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Hey Conquerors ??


My name is Kuanysh Naurzbayev (call me Kuan ?). I am a new Product Manager for the Academy & Community. 

EdTech and community building are my passion, and I would love to see how your businesses succeed using Vendasta's rich product portfolio. My approach is always customer-centric, and I love to work directly with users to identify potential pain points, get valuable feedback and make sure everyone's voice is heard up at the highest echelons of the organization.

One of my university professors used to say, "Always go to the source," and I 100% agree with that statement because only real people on the other end of the screen could provide a clear picture of their experiences.

If you are one of our partners, I would love to talk to you ? Please feel free to book a 30-minute meeting here ??

Drop a comment below?? if you have any questions.