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API Integrations (Zapier)

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Does Vendasta have the ability for API Integration or a future plan to connect with Zapier?

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Hey K-O! At the time, we do not, but it's certainly on our radar.

Out of curiosity - if we were to build a Zapier integration, what are some ways in which you might use it? What kinds of Zaps would you set up (and for which other products)?

Let us know!

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@RylanVendasta I like @malcolm_stone recommendation. Also having integration with Wix would be huge. We've seen a lot of clients coming from them. ManyChat would also be great. There's a lot of opportunity in the API space, but all in all just having the integration would be a big opportunity.

Tim Glynn
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@RylanVendasta here are some examples;

Facebook Lead Ads opt-ins to client creation trial account

Snapshot widget opt-in sent to create an account in Nimble CRM

Email opens from other marketing tools like GetResponse/ActiveCampaign/Hubspot etc to be automatically added to marketing campaigns within our account.

Extracting our client accounts into a Google Sheet for further analysis.

The list is endless. They have also recently launched Zapier Transfer (beta)

I believe this one thing will explode opportunities for Vendasta partners.

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@RylanVendasta Straight up, I can do registrations and sales by building custom funnels using something like ClickFunnels. Where they purchase a product there, Zaps the info to vendasta and create an account and activate the product and automations.

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Not sure if K-O is talking about this, but a product where integration is needed is for Customer Voice. A major selling point for Customer Voice is review generation. Currently, clients add customers manually one at a time or csv file upload to make this happen.

I have had a few discussions with the product team about adding an api to connect a client's CRM to Customer Voice for the purposes of automating this process and improving the success of review collection.

Most of the competitors I know already have this capability and it's a big sticking point when trying to sell CV.

Tim Glynn
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Yesterday I attended the Global ZapConnect Conference. Every major company that agents are working with were there and then some. We really are missing a trick to help our clients if we can't integrate with other applications. It's time for Vendasta to get off the fence with Zapier - PLEASE!!

I don't know how many times I've asked for this. If you did a survey I would bet that 80%+ users want this integration. @BretConquerLocal please pass it on ?

Christine Jackson
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I second this request. Zapier integration would be an excellent value.


Richard Rance
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Hi All,

Thanks for the questions. I completely agree with you that APIs are essential to being competitive. I'm in the process of forming a team dedicated to API design and tooling. (We will be hiring if you know anyone ?) 

Our product teams are currently in the early stages of refreshing our APIs to match with current best practices. We have a few new APIs that are available for trusted testers. 

You can

They are still a little rough but you could start using them now. 

In Q4 our teams are focusing on building APIs for our foundational products. The product managers are currently collecting feedback on what functionality they need. 




As for Zapier the automations team just showed of this demo of how you could start a zap (or any other system) using a new webhook trigger that they are testing out.

Being able to call Vendasta's APIs as a Zapier step is something we are exploring.

When setting up a Zap would you want it to run with the permissions of the user setting it up or a bot representing the business? Using the user's permissions the integration would break if they leave your company. 

Do you want to allow your salespeople and business users to set up their own Zaps or do it for them? 

One of the barriers that we ran into when exploring Zapier in the past is they would not allow us to grey label it. Would you let your customers use it if it mentioned Vendasta?