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Who Is Helping Clients With Tik Tok?

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Hey everyone! I just started working with a client.

They have expressed interest in starting to use Tik Tok to promote their business and products. They would like me to film, edit and post.

My question is: is anyone here providing this type of service to their clients? If so, do you mind sharing what your pricing structure looks like? My clients would like to film all of their content for the month at their store. They are thinking that it would be about an hour of filming.

Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated.

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You question needs some more clarification. You have to consider how much of the work you are completing to get the TikTok video done. I have a client myself who recently inquired about this. We have a follow-up meeting this week and some questions will arise from my end. #1 Are they okay with the equipment I have available (which is my mobile phone) to record videos? #2 How often should I be filming: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly? #3 How often do they want me to post Reels: Daily, Weekly, Monthly? Other things I have to ask are like the time of day for filming and also having to factor in travel time. I would not charge less than $500 if I am going to be posting Monday - Friday. In my case I live in Los Angeles, CA. If I film in the morning, traffic will be fine to arrive but I will lose at least 1 hour to return to the office. If I leave in the afternoon, I will lose an hour trying to get there but will be able to get home in about 30 minutes assuming I leave to film and arrive after 5 pm. If I don't have to drive back home in the morning and can pull in to a Starbucks and start prepping all the social media and scheduling all the posts for later during the day and week, maybe I can save time being more productive, assuming I don't need to get on a call immediately after filming. Starbucks are cool to do work while sipping on coffee but it is way to noisy to handle business calls. This client is located in Orange County which makes travel a menacing option to deal with.