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Warning: Hackers Created users and ran invoices

Joel Snyder
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Hi Team, I have been hacked and someone processed several thousands of dollars on my invoicing/billing system. 

Everyone needs to be extra diligent to NOT save autopayments and credit cards (my personal favorite time management hack). It's a hassle, but could be extremely costly.


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Hi Joel, thank you for following up on the check and balance that Vendasta security team has in place to mitigate an attack such as this. Our system worked exactly as designed and prevented financial loss. Thank you for working with our support team in rectifying this. We were all hands on deck looking into this for you. Vendasta maintained and continues to maintain the highest standard in providing data security. This incident serves to remind each and everyone of us to:
  • Invest in a firewall 
  • Scan your computer for viruses
  • Set up 2-factor authentication
  • Ignore spam email
  • Don't use public WiFi
Staying up to date when it comes to doing one's part in preventing one's machines from malicious attacks is the key. KnowBe4 is an organization that provides ongoing training to look for subtle signs of malicious elements in your inbox and websites. Please reach out to me directly at if you would like to discuss this further. 
Thank you.
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