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The Welcome Letter

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When sending a new user the Welcome Email, it'd be really helpful if we as partners were made aware that it was delivered and that it was opened. As I've been advised, at present only the Vendasta team can actually see that information. Could it be tied in somehow to the Loop so that the partner sees it too?

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Thomas Mueller
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I agree. We have the situation that the majority of welcome emails is in spam or quarantined and doesn’t reach the customer. This causes confusion and a backslash to sales and extra support effort.

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I had a different issue which many new vendasta partners might come across, I was creating accounts so I can prospect them and I didn't realize that they are added to a welcome email campaign until one client asked me why they are receiving those emails.

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Hi David, Thomas, and Neil,

I'm Cory Leyte, the Program Manager for our Platform Division. I am currently working with our platform's product teams to enhance our email marketing system this year. I've captured your comments for consideration. Please continue the conversation and expect some exciting new things this year for the platform.

Cheers, Cory