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Snapshot Report Question

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Hi there everyone. I completed my very first in-person presentation yesterday since I started my own marketing business. It went well, and they're pretty much sold. As the conversation continues, they (and I, apparently) were wondering what the "BUDGET" column in the advertising section under campaign performance meant. Is that their monthly budget? Also, keyword value under keyword performance, can someone break that down as well? The 'information button' isn't giving me any data when I hove over it. Thank you!

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Hey Grant, good question.

The budget is the estimated amount that they are spending based on the keywords they are targeting, and the amount of clicks they are getting.

For example, from what I can see on the Budget.jpg top section, they are getting about 223 clicks per month at a value of $228. Meaning their average CPC is $0.97. These are estimated values that can help you start the conversation.

Keep in mind the data is not perfect. We are not tapped in directly to their ad campaigns. We are programmatically analyzing the existing advertisers, keywords, estimated bids, estimated monthly volume, and many other factors to come up with these numbers. So, use this data to identify that they are in fact spending on Google Ads, diagnose how they are doing by having a conversation with them, and move them towards a strategy / plan with your company if they need help in this area.

Hope that helps!


Adam Tomporowski
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Hey Grant, Thanks for reaching out!

If you're still wondering about the keyword value, it works similar to how Aaron described the budget column. It estimates the value your prospects and their competitors get from those organic keywords.

So using your screenshot as an example, the prospect would need to pay approximately $4,090 to receive 3,992 on those 639 keywords. This is primarily used to showcase the value and priority that SEO should take in any marketing strategy, as there can be tremendous value in targeting the correct organic keywords.

I hope that helps, don't hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions.