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Sales Suggestion: Email Integration For Sales Reps

Daniel Gallegly
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From a sales perspective, I think it would be highly useful to sales reps if Vendasta could integrate with an email service provider such as Microsoft Outlook, so that tasks and appointments that are created in sales and success center could appear over on the Microsoft Outlook calendar. Sales Force is an example... if you integrate Sales Force with Outlook, then each time you create an appointment from Sales Force it appears in Outlook.

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Adam Tomporowski
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Hi Daniel,

I'm Adam, the Product Marketing Manager for Sales & Success Center.

We appreciate the feedback and I definitely understand how useful it can be to integrate with email services. If you're using our Meeting Scheduler then we do offer integration with Gmail where your booked appointments will appear in Gmail automatically. We are also working at adding Outlook as another integration in the future.

I'll be sure to relay this back to the teams! I'd love to hear more of your thoughts on Sales & Success Center, so don't hesitate to reach out to me, or if you'd like you can book a quick 15-minute chat.

Thanks again for your feedback!