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What are your sales processes like?

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Hi Team -

A few questions I have for other agency owners out there -

How are you finding salespeople and what is the commission structure like?

What is your sales process?

I have always done the process below but I am trying to shorten my sales process time while gaining a better conversion ratio of leads to closed-won deals.


-Free consult of 30 min to 1 hour including a snapshot report

-Get proposal date at the end of the meeting

-Build the strategy and proposal in a PowerPoint deck

- Propose

- Negotiate

- Close

- Paperwork

- Onboarding

- Fulfillment


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Dante Crescenzi
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This is excellent! Thanks for sharing. I would think the paperwork and onboarding could be consolidated no? I think I am going to start using a PPT deck for proposals as well. Much easier to work with and more aesthetically pleasing.

Donna Miller, MBA, PCC, SHRM-SCP
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Thanks for sharing this. I am new.

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Our process is a little different and shorter.

Step1. initial contact offering an online business toolkit and set propect up as a User

Step2. Send them a link to schedule a meeting to teach them how to use the above toolkit.

Step 3. Run snapshot report prior to the meeting and send them the link just rpior to the start of the meeting.

Step 4. Walk them through the business center, connecting their social accounts to the apps and show them how much time you can save them. Touch on the accountability

Step 5. Tell them you ran a snapshot report on the business and ask if they would like to review it. I always tell them if you are doing as well as you are now with these scores, can you imagine the lift improving these areas will bring.

Step 6. Prescribe the next step that would lever the greatest lift.

Step 7. Take them to the store and show them the products/services you believe best matches their needs and goals.

After doing this I move to my three question close.

1 Has what I shared with you today make sense?

2 Would you like my help with that?

3 How soon would you like to start?

Shut up and wait for the response after each question.

Matt Derry
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Hi Paul

Thanks for sharing this mate. I have really been struggling with this part. Is your initial contact a call or email? Are you offering a free month of toolkit use or what is the play here?