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Reddit For Snapshot Report

Innis Campbell
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Is it possible to get Reddit included the Snapshot reports?

Here's a look at the key, overall usage stats for Reddit in 2020:

52 million daily active users – up 44% YoY

303.4 million posts – up 52.4% YoY

2 billion comments – up 18.6% YoY

49.2 billion upvotes – up 53.8% YoY

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Shawn Hodgson
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That sounds interesting to me... what metrics would you track though?

Adam Tomporowski
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Hey Innis,

Thanks for sharing those stats, and with that growth, I can definitely see the potential of having that added to the Snapshot report. At this time, we don't currently have plans of adding it but we're always looking at ways we can make it more robust, so this will be great to consider for future additions.

Similar to Shawn, I'd be interested to hear what sort of metrics you'd feel would be good to include if this was added to the Snapshot report?