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Q&A from Think Tank [07, 10, 20]

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1. Dennis are you in an RV?
A. Yes.

2. Do you charge a specific certification fee for LEVEL I 'Start Your Digital Marketing Agency'?
A. No. You need to be on at least a Starter subscription from Vendasta, and complete the final project and quiz.

3. Do I have to find someone in my same vertical in my accountability group?
A. No, you can work with those in something similar if you are unique! You can still help each other, give feedback, and hold each other accountable.

4. Where can I find the learner guide?
A. and I have also dropped it in this discussion.

5. How much are office hours?
A. $100 / month.

6. When are office hours?
A. @1PM PST on Wednesdays, for approximately 1 hour, conducted in a Zoom conference call. Look out for the official announcement for the first office hour session.

7. How do I access the office hours private group?
A. Go to and request to join the group that's named "Dennis Yu's Office Hours". You'll receive instructions for the next steps from one of the group moderators.