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Community Session ( August 21, 2020) - Part II: Qualifying a Multi-Location Opportunity

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This Friday, August 21st, Vendasta experts, Joel Smart, Joshua Baker, and Erica Chessall will be back to discuss how to qualify multi-location leads, as well as:

  • Understanding the decision-making process
  • Identifying the key decision-makers
  • Recruiting a champion
  • Learning who are they working with today - Competitive Battle and Battle Cards

Register here:

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Cathy Poturny
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Excellent ! got some really great tips and tools!!! Keep sharing!!

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Thank you to everyone who took part in last Friday's session on qualifying multi-location opportunities!

If you missed it, here's the link to the recording:

In this session, we discussed the five steps to start prospecting a Multi-Location client:

1. Identify your target

2. Research the target

3. Enter them in the platform

4. Make use of all information onto who might be a starting point of who to sell to

5. Engage with the customer

The next Multi-location session will be on Friday, September 4th. We'll be chatting about "Selling a Multi-Location Opportunity".

This Friday, August 28th, we're taking a break from our Multi-Location series to hear from Jacqueline Cook, Vendasta's CSO in our Conquer Local Executive Q&A session.

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Here are the answers to the questions asked in the session chat on Friday.

Keep the questions coming!

1. My ML client is DIY and would like to know if/when it will be possible to integrate 5 location's GMB's into Social Pro?

a. Multi-Location Social Media is coming very soon! We’re starting with Facebook, ability to post, and track analytics. Google will come after that.

I have an ML attorney in the Miami area and I also have an ML Real Estate Title Insurance agency that I would like to get some tips on services and upsells

2. When we do this, are we charged for the reports for all locations?

a. Depending on your subscription, there may be a charge for snapshot reports. Each snapshot report is $2, although, with newer subscriptions, we include a specific # of snapshot reports. Check them out here. If you're interested in one of the tiers so you have snapshot reports included with your subscription, reach out to your Vendasta rep to discuss!

3. Any API updates that will enable review responses in TripAdvisor or Yelp?

a. Yelp does not yet provide an API that would allow us to provide this feature in Reputation Management.

4. Do we still set up individual-paying locations, or do we use Multi-Location for all locations under one-app?


- Add all accounts individually (or in bulk), in Partner Center > Manage Accounts.

- Add the accounts to a brand to get the brand view in Partner Center > Businesses > Brands > Create Brand

4. For listing/citations are you using YEXT still?

a. We offer both Listing Sync Pro powered by Vendasta and Listing Sync Pro powered by Yext.

5. Will the social posting still be available by permission to individual location managers?

a. Yes

6. How do you handle a company like True Food Kitchen that has national locations, but only one main set of Social Media accounts?

a. Joel’s advice: The brand would need to blast everything from one area and simply make it generic - however, Facebook may just create their own pages without consent of the brand - I would encourage them to set up as a parent-child and turn the switch off the local Facebook pages to accept reviews. That way only corporate page has reviews but locals can still post on Facebook local page etc.

7. Is Listing Distribution going to be wider than just the US?

a. We would like to offer Listing Distribution in Canada, though this is not on our current roadmap because of other priorities that need to be tackled first.

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Hey everyone, as promised here are the slides from parts one and two of our multi-location sessions.