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Out of the box funding for clients

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Howdy all. I am a startup in a specific niche targeting smaller businesses with 1-5 employees. The obvious hurdle is their spending money. I am wondering if anyone has used out of the box thinking to get past the "no" on helping them fund. Which in turn helps fund your own digital marketing. I look at the no as why a no. Then lets solve that. How can we achieve $1000, $2500 or whatever for having and improving their online presence. I have a few ideas and wondering if anyone has taken the time to approach this route. Thanks in advance for feedback.

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Hi Jonathon, the "no" usually comes because they don't understand the return on investment for what you are asking for. It is important for you to align expectations to what they are getting for the 500, 1000, or 2500. How will this investment help them grow their business?

It is important for you to first start by asking them what is the life-time value of a new customer. If you are working with a small business like a real-estate agent, this could be tens of thousands. Thus, you simply need to prove that what they spend with you can help them generate a positive ROI.

Hope that helps.