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New to Marketplace: Adcellerant

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Pre-Roll Video | Display Retargeting | Targeted Display | GeoFencing | Streaming TV

Introducing Adcellerant: Bringing Madison Avenue level digital marketing solutions to Main Street businesses

Streaming TV is designed to deliver professional grade video ads via over the top television devices, hand held streaming devices, and video on demand services. A quarter of all TV time is now on Streaming TV and nearly 85 million American households are reachable with ad-supported Streaming TV
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Pre-Roll Video is a commercial that appears prior to online video and is typically 15-seconds or 30-seconds in length. A :15 Pre-Roll has a click-thru rate of 371% above industry average!
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Display Retargeting ads remind a website visitor after they leave the site to come back or take further action. Retargeting is a must-have in any digital ad campaign Website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert with a potential 4x
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commercial that appears prior to online video and is typically 15-seconds or 30-seconds in length.

Targeted Display is designed to deliver ads to your target market using geographic, categorical, demographic, and behavioral targeting. Targeting segments can include everything from age, gender, household income to interest in a Chevy Tahoe or purchase intent for a used car.
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GeoFencing allows you to create custom fences around different locations, targeting users who have been in those fences within a specific timeframe. An Audience Insight Report is generated highlighting consumer’s basic geographic data, visitor frequency and household income. Additionally, a Foot Traffic Attribution Report can be provided to show the devices that were in your target audience that were also a point of interest.
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Register for their Product Webinar here on April. 20th to learn more!