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New episode of the Podcast - 364: Digital Ad Spend, with Zach Johnson

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Digital Ad Spend is a vital piece of the new marketing stack for local businesses—and therefore, a must-have service to offer as a marketing agency.

Listen here.

Zach Johnson, Founder of FunnelDash, co-host of the Rich Ad Poor Ad Podcast, and author of the book Rich Ad Poor Ad, joins George Leith this week. Zach is here to talk about Digital Ad Spend. Zach sheds light on how to best prepare clients for the outcomes based on their budget. He wants to share the message of understanding the core messaging behind your product/service before you throw money behind it on an advertising channel. Make sure the rest of your online presence ducks are in a row, and keep them in that row for your advertising leads to fall into that purchase funnel. No single tip will work for every business, as every business is unique. The best thing to do is test, track, rinse, and repeat to unlock that “secret advertising sauce” for you and your clients.

Zach Johnson is the Founder of FunnelDash. Under Zach’s leadership, FunnelDash has grown to over 5,350+ agency partners managing over $1 Billion in ad spend across 51,000 ad accounts. Zach’s private clients have included online influencers, SaaS, and e-commerce brands such as BigCommerce, Dr. Axe, Marie Forleo, Dan Kennedy, Dean Graziosi, to name a few. Zach is a noted keynote speaker co-author of the book Agency Growth w/ Ryan Deiss @ Digital Marketer.