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LinkedIn: Social Selling vs. Relationship Building

Bryce Turner
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Recently I have been bombarded with connection requests on LinkedIn that are sales or service pitches rather than actual genuine connection requests. I was curious whether others were having the same experience and how they were handling these requests?

Is LinkedIn a selling tool? Or is it a relationship-building tool? Or is it both?

My tip for LinkedIn connection requests…Have a compelling reason to connect. Establish yourself as a credible, authentic person. Make sure that you are connecting over something that they care about or that delivers a successful outcome for them.

How does your organization effectively use LinkedIn to build strong relationships that lead to business relationships?

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This is great, Bryce! Totally agree with having a compelling reason to connect! I love when people connect with me and we share something in common—industry, job, interests, skills. Gives you a great opportunity to open up the conversation and make a memorable initial connection.

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Bryce, great topic! Recently I have also been receiving few requests, I love to connect with people but I think it would be more beneficial if they do a quick introduction and share what we have in common and how we can benefit from the connection. This also help me to start a conversation that is valuable for the new connection.

I like to view LinkedIn as a relationship-builder tool, that lead into sale.

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LinkedIn seems to be very active with sales related people. Trying to find actual business owners on it is my challenge and hope that I can come up with a strategy that works for that.

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I run a very effective lead gen service (my own vendor product in the Marketplace). Take a look:

Call if you’d like to discuss.

Mike Corso
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Thanks Mike, I appreciate it