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Leads prospecting by phone anyone?

Jim Graf
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Getting appointments with my target businesses niche is something I need to have a solid repeatable approach to. I have always found that trying to get B-B leads online is like watching paint dry. For the most part most small business owners just are not searching the blogs and Facebook or that fantastic tweet for the product we have that they don't know about. I've always had the approach of prospecting and setting appointments using the phone. I like to hear about any phone prospecting and appointment strategies from anyone using the phone.

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With the way a prospects time and attention has been so compressed over the last few years, it can be difficult to really get the time we used to be able to on the phone with our potential clients.

I personally have found it critical to adjust my expectations to acknowledge that the phone call is just one of the many points of contact that are required to get my prospects attention and focus.

Some successful strategies I've tried are creating an engaging message or email and reaching out via LinkedIn before making my calls. If you're having a hard time getting their focus most prospects are working late and aren't receiving calls, so you may be able to get their attention after 6 PM on weekdays.

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Jim Graf
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I figured it would be something like that. My particular niche business owners are typically not on Linkedin but they should be if they are looking for help.