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Lead nurturing and Customer Engagement for SMBs - your help needed

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If you have an agency (or you are a consultant) and sell websites/SEO/PPC/social marketing to SMBs (above all restaurants, salons, small shops, ...) we need your help (and we can offer our help back).


You are giving these SMBs a digital Presence and maybe helping them generate leads, but very often these leads are lost or under-monetized because the SMBs...don't use them in the best way.


With Movylo we help SMBs capture leads, build a customer list and then automatically nurture it to extract sales.


Now, the question for this Community: we're scouting for Vendasta agencies that are willing to add Movylo Express accounts (you can take them from the Vendasta Marketplace and they are free) to the websites they build, SEO campaigns, PPC and so on, in order to help the SMBs complete the customer journey.


Our goal is to establish a long term collaboration with your agency, in order to help you deliver added value to your clients and ...generate more recurring revenues and we have years of experience on this and on Go To Market.


Any agency that is interested in working with us? Just shoot us an email at and say you come from Vendasta and we'll be in touch!