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How do you incorporate toolkits into your business strategy?

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Hi everyone,

I'm Thiago Neres, Product Marketing Manager at Vendasta.

How do you incorporate the Local Business Online Toolkit into your business strategy?

I'd love to know how you're using it and if you have any advice for the community.

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Derek Fox
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1. Open call: Prospecting call to Book appointments we use the snapshot listing, get them on the phone, and text it to them to shock them into taking with us.

2. Discovery Call = Review Snapshot report: tell them what's wrong with their digital marketing and demo that we know what we're talking about and build rapport.

3. Proposal Close = We try to close a full package [Full Management] and drop down to a smaller package[Still full management but with out SEO aka Alpha]. If they want to think about it we let them, send a proposal and follow up in 24 hours

4. Follow up Close = Try to close package if pricing objections we drop down to a paid toolkit [they do it themselves], if still no...

5. We Dropdown to Tool kit express, get them in for free setup an Onboarding call, and get them into the software and Onboarding is get them moving forward and up-sell.

We do not give access to the business center until they have paid us because we don't want to lose their attention to closing the full management package. If we need to show the business center we will only show screenshots.

During onBoarding, we help them set it up and walking them through everything.

Hope this helps.

Alvin Thomas
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I came to this discussing because I wanted to know how to use the free tool to get a foot in the door. What I dont want to be is a cold call telling people that their google listing needs attention. I would get these calls all the time and the first time I went to check my listing and of course it wind up being just a cold call fishing for business.

I was hoping for something a long these lines.

Go to my local register of deeds and find new business that just opened and approach this group of people. And somehow get them to look and believe my snapshot of their business.

I though I would find a bit more step by step instruction along those lines...