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Sales Tactics How do I overcome the Elephant in the room with my client?

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I have a client that's really old school. She is not cool with the idea of me white labeling or outsourcing my creative marketing services with her company through the Vendesta platform. I Is anyone else every had this problem and can anyone give me some tips to counter he objections?


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Hi Travis, such objections come up when you position products over value that you bring to the table. When you commission house builder to build you a house you don't dictate if they use dewalt or milwaukee tools. Similarly, when you go to a restaurant you don't request that your steak be cooked in a specific brand of iron. 

The value you bring to the table is YOU, your expertise, and your skills. If your client knows about Vendasta you have already breached the white labelling. The solution here would be to persuade her that the buck stops with you and since you are the operator of your agency you are taking the responsibility of quality, and then deliver it. 

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This is a very interesting question. So she does not want to give you credit for the services you are providing, simply because you did not create, build, or develop them? You are paying for that right, though...

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Hi Travis - In my other job I work for a company called WebMD, maybe you have heard of it. We partner with other companies mainly for 2 reasons: 

1- It would cost us more to reinvent the wheel.

2- We can get to market faster by utilizing someone who is currently an expert in the market. 

She needs to know that almost every company utilizes the best services possible out there because it is too expensive to create them on your own. Think of how many companies use Sales Force.

I agree the value you bring to the table is your expertise in the market of knowing what gives your customer the best outcomes. In fact, almost every digital agency outsources some of its services because they are the best at what they do. So the moral of the story is that even billion-dollar companies like WebMD outsource to give the customer the best possible outcome.