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Listings Google MyBusiness Industry Attributes

Thomas Mueller
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Google MyBusiness supports a various number of specialized industry attributes, depending on the Category entered. In case of HOTEL for example there a lot of specialized industry attributes such as Health & safety, COVID-19 responder policy, Internet, Food & drink, Policies & payments, Activities, Services, Children, Pools, Parking & transportation, Wellness, Accessibility, Business & events, Pets, General room features, Food-related room features, General room features.

For us, it would be important to be able to manage all those attributes from within the business profile in Listings and also, as far as possible sync those attributes with ListingSyncPro services.

Also, it would be important for us to be able to access those attributes through the Vendasta API as well as we make use of all those attributes in our other integrated applications.



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Thanks Thomas for the comments. Whilst at the moment we do not support all the specialized attributes the current attributes available enables us to support a wide range of business categories. We would review in the future how we plan to expand more specific attributes that are tailored for more businesses.