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First clients

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Hello all! I am not sure if this is the right place for this. If it is not feel free to just redirect me. Nonetheless, I am looking to try gain my first client, but one thing that I fear is the question of do I have any testimonials or reviews from other clients. 

How have any of you handled the hump of getting your first client even though you have no social proof you can lean on? Any tips or advice would be appreciated. I have decided that a free trial would be beneficial but I just want some guidance on how to navigate that conversation.

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Testimonials and reviews are definitely important, not having them can throw off your leads. That’s why you should focus on getting them ASAP.

See if you friends and family circle someone needs any of your services and offer them, and ask for reviews and testimonials.

You could use this as your punchline, tell them you’re building your portfolio and willing to provide a discount in exchange of a honest review on GMB/fb and a testimonial. 

But yeah, getting testimonials and reviews should be on top of your todo list. And a Case Study detailing how you helped them would also rock.

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I couldn't agree more with LocalBuzzGroup! Friends and family are a fantastic starting point.

If you can't find someone to provide services for and really want to get the reviews started- consider character/ professional reference requests as reviews. If you're someone who lives and breathes their craft- you can get some people around you to attest to it. For example, maybe a friend hasn't witnessed you create a strategy for a campaign- but you're always the one planning and leading direction in group settings. Appropriately translated, this can still serve as great review material until the proof of performance comes in with those first few clients. 

Rooting for you! Keep up the good work, Jared.