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Customer Voice Finish this sentence:

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New partner here.

Working on an avatar or buyer persona.

So for those of you who have been selling reputation management for a while now, think of that typical buyer when you answer these two questions for me:

  1. What is an immediate result your avatar wants right now?
    • "Right now, my ideal customer really wants to _____." (Starts with a VERB)
  2. What is your avatar's #1 ultimate, long-term desired outcome? (VERB):
    • "Ultimately, my ideal customer really wants to _____." (Starts with VERB)

Thank you in advance.

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I love this question! While I'm not the person you are asking, here's my take:

1. Right now, my ideal customer really wants to increase sales. 

2. Ultimately, my ideal customer really wants to retire early (have an exit strategy, grow business to multiple locations, sell business)

Vendasta also has these ideal customer profile templates built, if they're of any help. Thanks for asking an insightful question!

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@Nykea Thanks so much. It's like crickets in these forums sometimes. 

I appreciate you.

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Hi Joseph 

Every business wants the following:

  1. Get new customers
  2. Sell their products
  3. Sell more of their products
  4. Retain their customers
  5. Lower their price of acquisitions (customers/goods/front-back margins)

We discuss these in our Wednesday workshop. I hope you will attend. Sorry I didn't post this in the format you were looking for.