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Engaging Prospects and existing customers through effective Campaigns.

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Having trouble coming up with engaging content for your clients? We've got just the thing. Our new Always On Campaign has been one of the top performing campaigns at Vendasta this quarter with open and click through rates over 20%. Keep your clients in the loop and show them you're their trusted digital advisor with our Always on campaign. The campaign focuses on what they can do to improve their digital presence while also giving them tips on how to interact with their own customers. Learn how you can add it your campaigns here.

Having regular contact with your prospects and customers to continue to communicate the value you provide as a trusted agency is now more important than ever.

See below summary from our 2019 Churn Study where we surveyed 100,000 SMBS

Encouraging early and frequent engagement with your solutions should establish
value, keep your company top of mind, and promote strong business relationships.
By getting clients invested early in the solutions and value provided, it is reasonable to
assume that clients are more likely to continue the relationship.

Engagement was measured by any activity or action taken by an SMB. These activities
may include opening an email sent from their marketing provider, logging in to their
marketing solutions, activating new products, and so on.
Active engagement implies that SMBs are finding value from the products they
purchased. The study data showed a massive difference in churn between engaged and
disengaged clients—almost a 60% difference. Disengaged users churned at roughly
70%, whereas 90% of engaged users were retained.

Furthermore, early engagement within digital products showed improved retention as well.
Getting clients to engage five times within the first month of service was found to have the
greatest impact on increasing retention. Having clients engage with solutions as early as day
one to establish the value of what’s been sold and incorporate it into their regular routine can
improve their retention rate by 54%.