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Ease the Setup of Products and Packages

Thomas Mueller
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We have created a vertical solution for the Hospitality and Tourism sector and make use of some of the standard products such as listings, reviews, social marketing etc. but also have added our own products to it. Of that we are creating packages to make it easy for sales and customer to sell and buy. However, the setup today is very confusing and unnecessary creates a huge amount of unnecessary work and complexity.

Usually in the managed service business the model is as follows:
Contract Duration: 12, 24 or 36 months
Service Plan: Small, Medium, Large
Payment: Once Off Setup Fee plus monthly Subscription Fee

Having a number of 5 Products it currently forces us to create 5*3*3 products.

It would be great to see the ability of products enhanced so that in a product we can directly define:
Contract Duration: (similar to editions for 12, 24, 36 or whatever duration)
Service Plan: (similar to editions for 1, 2, 3 or how many plans)
Payment: Once off Setup Fee and Monthly Subscription Fee
Here you would now have all the 5*3*3 line items possible to have wholesale and RRP price for both.

That would make live much easier. Are there any other partners out there facing similar issues?

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Michele Matkovich
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Sounds like a good one. I wish billing and invoicing was simpler and had more ease of use so confusing to me with products/packages, monthly /yearly...i wish it was automated the way I see automated billing. Unless I am doing something way wrong, I have had to be the billing dept every month and this sucks! I dont wanna have to do this everytime.

Kalae Ah Chin
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Ditto to what Michele said.

Bernz Bayabo
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I can see why it's complicated with the billing. I was told it only sends an invoice for the client to pay... my problem with that is that what if they don't pay the invoice?

So I've set up a separate merchant billing that automatically charges their credit card right away.

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Hi, Michele!

We really appreciate you providing us with feedback on how your experience has been with billing and invoicing. We're working hard to improve it for you!

On a bright note, we've just introduced a feature that will help make your life easier!

We've released recurring invoicing, so now you can set your invoices to be automatically sent out on a monthly basis.

Head over to this post to get more information on it - there's also a link to a Resource article in there for you:

I hope this helps make your life easier and improves your workflow. Also, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly - I'd love to get your feedback on it! Let me know how it goes.

Have a nice day and a lovely weekend!

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Hi, Kalae!

I just replied to Michele's message in this thread. I'd encourage you to check it out as well!

I hope this helps make your life easier. Please also reach out to me directly with any feedback you might have!

Have a nice day and an even better weekend!