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**Community Sessions are back** Unleash Your Power: Conquer Imposter Syndrome with Josh Singh on May 12

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Announcing the triumphant return of the highly anticipated Community Sessions, commencing on May 12 from 12:30pm to 1:30pm ET!

Secure your spot now by registering here, and prepare to be empowered.

Get ready to join me alongside our remarkable guest speaker, Josh Singh, as we delve into the depths of overcoming a common yet formidable adversary that lurks within us all - Imposter Syndrome.

Imposter Syndrome, an affliction that plagues even the most accomplished individuals, prevents them from fully embracing and acknowledging their successes. These high achievers often attribute their achievements to mere luck, perpetually fearing that their true inadequacies will be exposed to the world. But fear not, for this exclusive Community Session will equip you with the invaluable knowledge to conquer Imposter Syndrome.

Discover the root causes behind this phenomenon, explore the five distinct types it manifests in, and most importantly, arm yourself with an arsenal of powerful strategies to defeat it.

Mark your calendars, for this Friday promises to be an extraordinary gathering of like-minded individuals determined to transcend their doubts and seize the recognition they deserve.

See you on Friday!