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Why can't we split test landing pages?




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We pay a high monthly rate to provide a landing page for paid ads (same amount for an entire website pro account...) and I realize today that Vendasta won't even run a split test on a landing page to test a couple different headlines.... are you KIDDING me...

Vendasta is doing "all these great things" however the bare basics are neglected in many cases... If we can't split test... then what the heck are we doing here...



Agreed. A lot of the digital marketing solutions are lacking in fine-tuning capabilities.



Hi Tyler,

Thanks for your feedback. We're continuously striving to improve our service offerings and take into consideration feedback provided.

I'd love to book a call with you so I can hear about the areas where you think Marketing Services is excelling and the areas that we can improve.

I'll be following up shortly here with an email and a link for you to book a time through.


- Lukaa Jasem

Marketing Operation Manager