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Suggestion: Promo Codes




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I just wanted to suggest the addition of adding promo codes for percentage or certain $ discounts on products. Adding particular time frames would be great as well. The ability to assign it to specific products would be great as well, since we may offer a large discount on a lesser product and don't want it to be used for a higher priced product. Very helpful in upselling and onboarding new clients.

Thank you!

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Agree! Like this!



I know this thread is almost a year old but is there a current timeline for this? One of the things we're offering is a time-based discount code (50% or $xx off for 90 days) and I have to manually set up each account currently. Adding a promo code at checkout is a standard feature for an e-com store so I was a bit surprised when it wasn't there.

Hope it's coming soon!

@nicholas is there any update or ETA on this?

Hi, @dave954 - thanks for reaching out.

I'd love to dig deeper and get a better understanding of how you'd like promo codes to work within Vendasta.

Please feel free to book a time to chat with me through here:



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Any update on whether this will be implemented? Seems like an extremely useful feature. I can't name a single business that doesn't run sales and promotions ?



This is some wonderful feedback, Greg! Thanks for this. I'm going to share this with the rest of the team.

If you're open to chatting with me, I'd love to get a better feel for what makes your business tick.

Feel free to schedule a time to chat with me at