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Some "guides" are outdated in the customer business app




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I just opened "30 Digital Advertising Statistics for Businesses" in the "Guides" section that is available to all customers in their account. guides/30-digital-advertising-statistics-for-businesses

There are references to 2017 and 2018 - someone seeing this will find this irrelevant
since this is referring to stats for years ago.

Is there a plan to update all of these guides that are customer facing so that the content has fresh and current?

I am not sure how many of the guides are outdated but someone should review them all and keep them updated.

Just some general feedback.



Yes. I hope Vendasta adds more. We use these guides often, but I haven’t seen new content for a while now.



Thanks for the feedback everyone. Yes the guides haven't been updated in a while, we'll discuss this with our content teams and see if we can get some more content rolling in.