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Reputation Management Review Issue With Google and




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I have a client in the hotel industry that uses the Reputation app. Over the past year, the number of reviews they have on Google and vs the number that are pulled in by the Reputation app are not the same. I understand the app will ignore duplicates and those that are removed. However, for example, the Rep app is saying that more than 150 of their reviews were removed from that are still showing on their listing. I have contacted support about this, but they say it's a Google / issue and that there's nothing they can do. Is anyone seeing this type of situation with any of your clients?

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Hi Malcolm, 

What is the client name and Partner ID associated with this account? We can take a deeper look to see if there may be another issue at play that is creating this review count discrepancy. This doesn't occur often so we should have the team investigate further. 



I messaged support again yesterday so they have an open ticket. My ID is REVI.