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Social Marketing Facebook Jail




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Hi All - 

A few weeks ago I received a notification that a that a former client page was unpublished. At first, I thought it was a glitch. I was at a client event. I no longer manage the page but still have access. His brother is a current client so I've left the accounts connected. 

Then, I received another notification that another page was unpublished. However, I went to the page it was still published. However, I could no longer post. It said due to security reasons. I have two factor authentication so I thought that was weird but I can wait 2-3 days. No big deal. It's been over a week. I reached out to FB yesterday and they said they would look into. 

Note: I received no violations and nothing controversial. All my clients are hardware stores... so it's paint, diy and inspirational. Nothing that would violate the community terms and conditions. I hardly post on my personal profile either. I checked my pages and have no notifications of violations.

Today I tried posting hoping the security issue was removed and said that I have to wait 22 days until I can post on any profiles. I can give access to anyone etc. Any suggestions?  

This is one of the busiest time of year for hardware stores so this is not good... I will miss all the holidays if I can't post for 22 days. Are there any workarounds? I have 11 pages that are impacted! 

I'm trying to appeal.

I was in an Ace forum and they are seeing this all over the place.