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Export & Import the Inventory & Storefront data




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An export to .csv option in the storefront that sends out a sheet with all of your storefront and inventory data so we can keep it in sync with our own billing, accounting, central database, etc systems.

Department Store

In the future, being able to make edits on a spreadsheet, then upload it back into storefront to make updates or changes to existing apps would be fantastic.


That would enable us to make changes in one place either in Vendasta storefront or an external spread sheet and have it reflect through all of our systems! Administration zen. lol



Hi Tyler - an excellent suggestion! Automation for both putting products in our platform and exporting them elsewhere could likely save you and others a lot of time. I have a team who's responsible for this area, if we're able to take some steps in this direction this summer do you mind if we reach out to you to further understand what your looking for?