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Task Manager Client checklist + Task descriptions




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I have an onboarding checklist I go through with all new clients. Sometimes, this includes tasks that the client needs to do. For example:

  • Fill out a specific form
  • Customize their Review Request template
  • Upload customer information into business center

It would be nice to have an “onboarding checklist” project template that can be assigned to the client. Then, inside their business center they will see what needs to be done (task + description) and can check items off as they go.



Hi @Wes_Foster, thank you for using Task Manager! We are currently investigating adding tasks in Business Center for your clients. For now, I would encourage you to use our Project Tracker to send your clients a notification if you have things waiting on them. Here’s the link to the support article

We are looking forward to hearing if this works for your use case.