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[Solved] 50,000 free emails from Vendasta




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As part of my subscription to Vendasta, I'm supposed to get 50,000 free emails and CRM, I understand. But I don't see how to get them or even get started anywhere. If anyone has some information, I would really appreciate it. Any links? Any tutorials? Videos? Thanks!

2 Answers


I too have the same offer, and I am assuming that they are grouped into the various marketing campaigns, under Marketing in Partner Center, along with the automations. The CRM would definitely be your Sales Center and it is a very powerful tool.

I have two recommendations for you.

One go into your courses section and take the sales center course. Actually take all the courses.

Secondly, talk to your account exec and sign up for the Always-On Campaign. It is a goldmine.

Bonus recommendation is to join the Watercooler Wednesday meeting. You can network with other agency owners like myself and after the VEndastians leave, the real training comes out.



Excellent question! Guessing they are just factored into the customer acquisition campaigns but could be wrong. I'd love to know where this number is stated in the partners center as well.