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Automations Zapier Integration with Automations




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Would love to see Zapier integrate with Automations, which would allow us to kick off other processes in Process Street (SOP app) and Slack.  Plus, it opens the world to just about any other application partners use...allowing for much more automation and business ops optimization. 

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Hi Pete,

We have a guide for kicking off a Zapier workflow using a Vendasta automation action in our developer portal.

It requires minimal technical skills to set up the webhooks (mostly copy & paste). We hope to automate some of the setup with a Zapier app in the future. 

@Richard Rance, can you tell me if a Zapier workflow can be used in the following example?

"When a new customer is entered in to client's CRM, upload the following info (name, email, phone number) into client's Customer Voice account, then send a review request to that customer."


@Malcolm_Stone Thanks for the very clear user story 🙂
We don't yet have a published Zapier app. Your user story can be achieved using APIs following the below guide. A developer turning that into a Zapier workflow is within the realm of possibilities.

@Richard Rance Thanks and please excuse my lack of api knowledge. To be clear, when I say client CRM, I mean hosted outside of Vendasta. For example, software like Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive, etc.

When Ven has a published Zapier app, will the workflow your link references work in the situation I described above?

Also, is there an eta on when the Zapier app will be available?






If the API is already there, make it easy for users who don't know how to code with API. Zapier is designed to do just that or find another. It's standard practice with almost all software and it is a HUGE missing piece, especially when trying to get reviews for clients.

Work around by the way, is to sign up for constant contact or active campaign and use an API but it just adds cost. 


Hi @DerekFox, Thanks for the feedback. I agree with you that Zapier is a great tool. We do intend to publish an official Zapier app in the future.