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Social Marketing [Solved] Why cant we add multiple Instagram Images to a post?




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I was very surprised to see that there is no option to add multiple images on instagram posts in the Social Marketing Pro platform. It gives the impression of the software lagging behind the tends (it is 2022 after all), especially when the option is available for other socials such as Facebook. It just makes sense that it should be availble for IG also. 

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I don't think this is a Vendasta issue, you will have the same problem on any social poster it's more of a problem with Instgram's api attempting to put you into their platform for multi image. As on a single post you can't actually have more than one image or video it forces you into a collage even on instagram.

Unless you are creating a story.



Great question Fern -- I am also excited for this feature!

@Nykea thank you for you comment. Hopefully the update comes soon.



Thank you for the feedback Fern. Currently, we are exploring this opportunity and would let you know as and when it falls on priority on our roadmap. 

@Aparna Amrit Thank you for your response. I look forward to using the product with the update.



I too, would be interested in having this capability in Social Marketing.