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Sales & Success Center Suggestion: Easier way to remove Accounts from Lists




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There needs to be a simpler way to remove Accounts from Lists. We need to be able to search for an Account and remove them. One of my lIsts has 1400 accounts--I can't keep scrolling to find the Account. THERE HAS TO BE AN EASIER WAY.

We should be able to go to Businesses/Accounts, and remove from there.

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Thanks for your feedback and we really appreciate it. 

This is in our backlog and we are currently working on ways to address the issue. A possible approach that we are discussing is creating Dynamic lists.

Dynamic list could solve this problem as the partner would set up an automation that adds an account to a list based on meeting certain criteria, and if that criteria changes it would be removed from the list.
Now, for partners to manually manage lists, adding search and filters to lists might be a good start or adding it as a menu option on manage accounts.