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Business App Remove number as mandatory




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Is it possible to not have the phone number as a mandatory field? I have multiple ecommerce clients that don't have a landline just email support. Yes this is less than ideal but it's not completely necessary for them to have a number and it makes creating them an account a pain. 

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Thanks for this post @Maty_P and your validation of his request @nas476! I'm going to raise this to our team at large.

Historically, to get the most value out of tools like the Snapshot Report, Business App, and our foundational products like Reputation Management, there has been a need for certain data to be required. 

Today, it might be possible to do more technologically with less information as a starting point and I can see more business cases where having less information will actually help you move faster.

Feel free to reach out to me in private messages if you want to discuss this further via a video call!



@JonNeher Thank you. Yes, it's a real pain at times to add the phone number in when it's not always possible to do that. I would love to hear an update on this matter if possible.




@nas476 Hi again, Nas! I have a short update: I've spoken with a few stakeholders and we all agree that you should be able to create an account without a phone number when appropriate.

At the moment we are scoping out the effect these changes will have and are tring to deliver a change that will be ideal for all Partners.

I have no exact release date to share, but we will absolutely make sure that Partners are aware when a change is made!

Any update on this?

Sorry @nas476, no update yet for you when you are creating accounts in Vendasta. I'll be sure you hear about it when we have a change made!

If you are API savvy, at the moment you can create an account with just a name and country code for now. Here is the link to that POST API:



Hey @Maty_P. What are your goals when looking to add these clients into the platform? Are you wanting to send email marketing to them, log sales activity, etc? Are these clients associated with a business, or some common entity that you can add them as a user to, by going to Partner Center > Businesses > Users?

@Sanjay to have them as a client on the platforms so use any of the tools bar the directory distribution tool as they don't have a number.

@Sanjay I completely agree with this as it can be a pain sometimes adding in prospects who I don't have the number for.



@JonNeher ok great thank you for the update.