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Task Manager Priority Classification Option in Task Manager




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Something that would be really helpful to have inside Task Manager is the ability to set priorities for each task.

One example is my web developer logs into Task Manager to see the tasks for the day, but some are more urgent than others, so I would like to be able to put that in there. Either #1, #2, etc, or at least "Urgent" vs "Not Urgent", so he can knock out the urgent ones first.

Currently, our workaround is I send him a Google Chat with what to do first, second etc.

Is there maybe a workaround I don't know about that I can use? I really want to try and keep everything inside Vendasta/Task Manager as much as possible and not use outside softwares.

Thanks so much team!

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This is great feedback Mitchell! Love the idea of being able to set priorities for tasks.
The workaround you could potentially use for now is creating a new placeholder business account called "Task Priorities". In the account details section of this account, you could put the tasks for each day and attach the prioritization level to each task.
Let me know if this answers your question! I am always open to hop on a call and get your feedback and discuss feature requests 🙂
Have a great day!



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Thanks for the suggestion Jeremy, I'm gonna hold off on using that for now and continue to do what we're doing and hopefully there will be an update like this to Task Manager in Q3 of Q4.