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Sales & Success Center Overhaul Sales & Success




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Can you please completely overhaul sales& success because it's complete unuseable?

With too many clicks and scrolling to do any, I get lost and forget what I'm doing. 

It's so painful that I keep trying but leave for a third party. 

It needs to be streamlined.

Sooner than later.


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I open things in separate tabs by right-clicking on the mouse and clicking on open a new tab or window. I have two attachable screens I use to be able to look at multiple screens at a glance with relevant pages I am working on. 



Hello Derek,

This is Gabriel, one of the product managers here in Vendasta. Thanks for sharing your feedback on using S&SC, and we are very interested in hearing more about how we can help improve your experience in S&SC. If you don't mind, please schedule a meeting with this link here.

If there is anything on our current roadmap that can help address the issue, we would like to share that with you and get some feedback. If not, we will take the feedback to revise our roadmap and give you an update afterward!

Again, thanks for sharing your feedback with us and this helps us in making Vendasta a better platform.



@gabrieltsoi Just make it so we can arrange the layout because right now you have all the important information towards to bottom. It's so painful to get the things you use for sale. I really hope you guys make it a priority soon.